Best Online SAT Prep Classes in Pakistan

Before talking about best online SAT Prep classes in Pakistan let’s first have a brief look on what SAT is and why you should take it very serious. The SAT is a standardized test for university admissions in United States and in many other countries including Top universities in Pakistan (LUMS, IBA). SAT stands for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” and now commonly knowns as it’s acronym SAT. The test is owned and administered by College Board which is an American non-profit organization with the mission to connect students with colleges and universities. SAT score is considered as a very significant component of admissions in Top Universities in the world.


Why you should take SAT?

SAT plays a major role in getting admissions as well as merit-based financial aid and scholarships. In Pakistan students applying for top universities (LUMS, IBA) or planning to go for USA take SAT. Some students prefer ACT over SAT but most of the students go for SAT. Because SAT is more popular and widely accepted worldwide. The best course of action for students, applying for Top universities in Pakistan or aiming for getting a scholarship in USA or in other country, is to secure the highest possible SAT scores and acquire as much information about SAT’s role in the admissions and scholarship process as their chosen schools are willing to give.

How to start preparing for SAT?

knowing where to start preparing for SAT can be overwhelming question. Should you get a book? Enroll in some online SAT Prep class? Find a tutor who will come to your home? Should you enroll in an online SAT Prep class or join some academy? The answers to these questions depends on you. In-person prep is likely a good fit for you if you enjoy learning around other people and you can find a good SAT instructor in some nearby academy. Online SAT Prep classes is always a best option for students who are tech savvy and want to prepare with top level SAT instructors in Pakistan. Online SAT Prep classes also save you a lot of time and connect you with other students in Pakistan or any part of the world who are on the same mission.

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What you should consider if you are going for Online SAT Prep Classes?

Choosing the right online SAT Prep classes and a best SAT instructor is a very critical decision that would impact your SAT score and chances of your admission in your dream university. We recommend you to consider the following before signing up for any online SAT Prep classes.

  1. A professional and well qualified SAT instructor who is not only a pro at Math and English but also knows the hidden Rules of SAT (How CollegeBoard make each SAT question and how to solve any questions within one minute).
  2. Tech oriented Teaching Style. Online learning is not like a conventional classroom learning and it requires a tech savvy instructor who can make best use of technology and have high-end tools for online classes (top-level online learning platform, tablet, professional mic, highspeed internet).
  3. Quality of Course and Preparation Material is also a very critical part of your SAT Preparation. You must avoid any notes or unauthorized prep material and rely on CollegeBoard official Prep material. If any academy/instructor encourage you to get some personal notes or books that is not a good choice.
  4. Duration of Course is another important factor when you have less time for preparation. We recommend a 6-weeks to 8-weeks long courses but it still depends upon the time you have to prepare fully.
  5. Price is also an important factor you should consider when going for Online SAT Prep classes. Usually the price should not be more than PKR 40,000 for group online classes and PKR 70,000 for SAT one-to-one online classes.

THE BRIDGE Tutoring offers Best SAT Preparation in Pakistan

THE BRIDGE Tutoring is a pioneer of Online SAT Preparation and Academic Tutoring in Pakistan. We believes in the power of technology, but also in the power of human interaction. Our prep utilizes both technology and human coaches to prepare students to succeed on standardized tests.

We do offer 6-Week and 8-Week Flagship Online SAT Prep Courses. Our Top SAT Instructors help students prepare for SAT with highest score. Each section of SAT (Math, Reading, Writing/Language) is covered in the course, with a focus both on reviewing the basics and picking up more advanced skills that will help you score higher on the exam. Our Professional, expert staff applies the latest research in cognition, memory, and motivation to help students achieve awesome score in SAT. You would learn best strategies, test-taking techniques, and tips to raise your SAT score by 200 points Guaranteed!

Our Online SAT Prep starts from PKR 30,000 only!

You can join our upcoming batch for online SAT Prep or can opt for one-to-one SAT Tutoring for more personalized study. To learn more about how we can help you or your child, you can setup a Free Online Consultation Session with our SAT Expert.

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