Best Online NET Preparation Classes

Are you aiming for admission in NUST Business School (NBS) or NUST School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H)? You just have landed in the right place. We have been preparing students for NUST Entry Test (NET) for last 7 years. We do offer cohort online classes for NET preparation. Last year more than 80% of our students secured admissions into their desired disciplines.

Online NET Preparation Classes

What is NUST Entry Test (NET)?

Before talking about how we can help you to achieve your goals and secure admission into NBS or S3H let’s have a brief look on what NUST Entry Test is and why you should take it very serious. NET is a university admission test and a gateway to NUST. Unlike many other universities in Pakistan, NUST has given more weightage to NET and less weightage to your Matriculation/O Levels and FSc/A Levels. NET counts 75% into your merit calculations for admission in NUST. Read our comprehensive NUST Admission Guide 2022 for NUST Business School for further guidance.

How do we help students?

We do offer Cohort Online classes for NUST Entry Test (NET) Preparation (NBS/S3H). NET Prep Course is designed in a very systematic and strategic way to make it easier for students coming from different educational backgrounds and to maximize their score. NET is not a conventional exam like FSc or A Levels, it’s an MCQ based admission test where you have less than 1 minute per question on average. Our NET Prep techniques are well calibrated to train you to choose right question in less than a minute.

Salient Features of Online NET Prep Classes

  • Cohort (Live) Online Classes
  • Unlimited access to Online Portal for Practice Quizzes
  • More than 700 Practice Questions
  • Online Mock Tests (just like real NET)
  • Small Groups (maximum 10 students per group)
  • On-demand Recording for classes/lectures
  • Time Management – Stress Management – Best Test Taking Strategies
  • 24/7 Professional Help
  • 2 Days Free Trial Classes

Get Professional Help

No matter where you are. If you are committed to give your best shot in NET, We are here to help you achieve your Goal! We have been preparing students for NUST Business School for last 7 Years and 90% of our students recommend us to their friends and family they care about (because sharing is caring). We do offer Online Cohort Classes and One-to-One coaching (Online) for NUST Entry Test (NBS/S3H). Why not contact us now and setup your Demo Class?

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