Frequently Asked Questions about SAT

Most frequently asked questions and answers about SAT Test in Pakistan

What is SAT Test?

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test accepted as an Entrance Exam (entry test) by top ranked univerities in Pakistan and around the world for admissions at Bachelor’s Level.

Who conducts SAT Test?

SAT Exam is conducted by College Board. The College Board is an American nonprofit organization that conducts College/University Entrance Exams to expand access to higher education

Should I take SAT Test in Pakistan?

SAT is recommended if you are applying for LUMS or IBA in Pakistan or aiming for US Universities. For other universities we do recommend their own tests.

Is The SAT a computer based test?

SAT is computer based from March 2023 onwards in Pakistan and Internationally. Computer based SAT is also referred to as Digital SAT.

Can I take SAT Exam online at home?

No. You cannot take SAT Exam online at home even after being digitalized from March 2023. Test will be conducted in test centers.

How to register for SAT test in Pakistan?

Registration process for SAT Exam is very simple. You can register online by visiting official College Board website. Register Now

How to download SAT Sample paper?

You can download SAT sample papers (SAT Official Practice Tests) in Pakistan from here. Note that it is highly recommended to always practice from the official tests.

What is the recommended book for SAT?

Most of the students in Pakistan follows Barron’s or The College Panda’s books for SAT preparation. We only recommend Official SAT Guide from College Board.

What is the fee for SAT in Pakistan?

SAT Fee for December 3, 2022 test in Pakistan is $109. From March 2023 SAT Fees in Pakistan is $103.

How to pay SAT Fee in Pakistan?

You can pay SAT Fee in Pakistan by a credit card. Some of the banks allow online transaction through debit card as well.

How to download SAT Prep books for free?

You can download most popular Digital SAT Prep books from here. Download Digital SAT Book from here
Copyright Notice: THE BRIDGE Academy makes these books available for educational purposes. You may not use or distribute these slides for commercial purposes.

How to pay Digital SAT fee without credit card?

Collegeboard only accepts credit or debit card for Digital SAT registration. If you don’t have credit or debit card we can help you book your SAT test.
For details please conatact our SAT helpdesk and our team will take care of your SAT registration.
Digital SAT Helpdesk

How to prep for SAT Test in Pakistan?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about SAT Exam in Pakistan. How one should prep for SAT Test in Pakistan?

  • You can self study and Khan Academy is a good resouce for that.
  • Or you can take professional help to achieve your full potential (Recommended). THE BRIDGE Tutoring provides Live – Online Classes for SAT prep and most of our students score above 1470 in the SAT.

SAT Test Dates 2023 in Pakistan

Upcoming SAT Test dates and deadlines 2023 in Pakistan are as follows:

SAT Test Date*Deadline for Registration
March 09, 2024Feb 23, 2024
May 04, 2024April 19, 2024
June 01, 2024May 16, 2024
August 24, 2024Anticipated

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